Graham Trott | photography and film

editorial and corporate photography / video production in London, the west country, the rest of the country and beyond.

Crane shots

I have a long term project that began as a photo essay, ‘The Cider Makers’, some examples of which you may have seen on this website already. It has since expanded into a documentary film project with friend and colleague Jill Furmanovsky, and we have been interviewing subjects that have been touched by the lives of Frank and Harold Naish, the brothers at the centre of the project. So, on a mild late.. Read More

Stopped in my tracks

I was just pulling out of the drive today to run an errand, abortion when I heard on the car radio that Douglas Carswell had defected to UKIP from the Tories. Ordinarily, page I couldn’t care less, buy information pills but I stopped the car at the gates (yes, we have gates, but they aren’t posh – a bit rotten and in need of painting), and pondered this story. I photographed Carswell prior.. Read More